DUPLICATING DALI: Coffee with a Curator  (1:03:15)
Dali Museum, St Petersburg FL
October 3, 2018

Steven Kenny has meticulously copied each brushstroke of Salvador Dali’s 1940 painting Daddy Longlegs of the Evening-Hope! The 19-month painting process was photographically documented along the way, including the reconstruction of the painting’s antique Dutch frame. Kenny will explain exactly how Dali went about painting this masterpiece. The lecture will include an in-depth overview of the painting’s history, composition, and symbolism, as well as Kenny’s insights into Dali’s possible influences and inspirations from art history, Catholicism, and Freudian psychoanalysis.

​August 5, 2020  (27:52)

Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College
June 22, 2016, Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL.

One-hour slide presentation and lecture focusing on my early sources of inspiration
and later events that have influenced my 32-year painting career.
​(Note: At 1:15 I meant to say "painter," not "illustrator.")

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V I D E O & A U D I O

​ Station House, June 22, 2018

First there was craft. Then there was art. Then there was Duchamp. Local surrealist painter Steven Kenny leads us in considering the role and significance of craft throughout art history; perhaps broadening its definition in the process.

My conversation with Jeri Rogers, founder and editor of Artemis Journal.
​April 21, 2022  (28:38)

My conversation with Kayla Griffin about how ​I became a full-time, successful, visual artist.
May 6, 2022  (34:43)